What Type of Mechanics Business Have You Got?

One of the things your Motor Trade insurer will want to know before it can offer you a Mechanic insurance quote is what type of mechanic’s workshop you have. If you own a small garage and operate independently then your insurance provider will offer you a mechanic insurance policy to reflect that. Whereas if you own a mechanic body shop with multiple employees, a large amount of machinery, vehicles kept on site and cash kept on the premises then you will need to have a Mechanic insurance policy that reflects that.

Product Liability Cover for Mechanics

If you are a mechanic then you are more than likely going to be putting new parts on the vehicles your customers bring in to you, it’s almost unavoidable, which means you need to have protection for when things go wrong. If you add a part to a car or repair something and it goes wrong, causing further damage to the vehicle, then the customer won’t be happy and may look to you to put it right. If something even worse happens, such as a crash due to the work you undertook on a car, then the Product Liability cover you have will make sure you are covered against any claims.

Building & Contents Cover for Mechanics

Having insurance for your place of business is just as important as having insurance for you home, and you wouldn’t leave that uninsured, would you? Even if you were renting you would at least have Contents insurance, though Buildings & Contents insurance for a business doesn’t work quite the same way as your landlord will usually leave the insurance of the building up to you, however this should all be stated in the lease that you signed, so it’s important to check, to make sure that you definitely need cover. Even if there is Buildings insurance already in place, it might only cover the structural aspects and things like tools & machinery that you need for your business, might not be covered.

Public Liability Cover for Mechanics

Running a Mechanics business can mean running a busy workshop with multiple employees, cars and tools & machinery spread out. All of this is a potential hazard to customers visiting your premises. Of course the best way to get around this issue is to have customers fenced off safely in a waiting area, but some customers may want to be shown what’s wrong their car. Indeed there could be a number of reasons why customers may be in the dangerous working area, whether they’ve been invited in or not. Public Liability cover is there to make sure you are covered in the event there is an accident and a member of the public is injured.

Cover for Mobile Mechanics

Of course, not every mechanic works from a dedicated business premises, and some mechanics will do repair work out on the roadside or anywhere that’s not their workshop. Mobile Mechanic insurance recognises this and covers you for the dangers of working as a mobile mechanic.

Get Your Motor Trade Insurer Right

To make sure that you get every product that your insurance company should provide, you need to make sure you pick the right Motor Trade insurance provider. You need to find a Motor Trade insurer that can provide the best possible insurance for your mechanic business but also find one that knows what insurance it should provide your company with. Having a competent Motor Trade insurance broker is an underappreciated aspect of running a mechanic workshop, because if something goes wrong in your business, you need to make sure your insurer has got you covered so that you can resume trading as soon as possible.